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When we think of traveling on business, holiday or even moving to a new country, it feels like moving between worlds that operate in ways which can feel poles apart. In a globalised and technological world, life has become quite convenient with smart tech and apps that makes every day so much more productive, efficient and fun.

10 apps that are useful when moving and living in Stockholm that would make everything smoother and comfortable.

Stockholm being the silicon valley of Europe, the number of internationals coming to live and work in the past decade has been on an incredible rise. It is considered the capital of Scandinavia and is at the forefront of progressive living in the world. Tech and smart apps are part of daily life in Stockholm.

Here are our recommended apps when travelling or moving to Stockholm.

man siting on a char at airport waiting to board a flight

1. SL

We cannot imagine life without apps for transportation. Stockholm’s best public transport app. Stockholm has one of the finest public transport systems in the world. With the same SL card, one can travel all across the city on busses, trams, metro rail and even waterways.

One can buy a single ticket as well as get a daily, weekly and monthly pass using this app. Every transport system is equipped with a simple tap to use pad that doesn’t take more than a few seconds of your time while boarding.

Every schedule of every bus, train and boat is tracked live on the app. Most essential when one can wait indoors for the bus, train or boat and step out only when the bus is a few minutes away during really cold weather.

SL apps logo
Tram moving around the city in Stockholm
uber apps logo

2. Uber

Stockholm cabs are considered very expensive around Europe and even a small distance can cost a lot. There are apps for every taxi company in the city. Uber came in as a game changer.

Stockholm city has a very good service of Uber cabs and is recommended if one needs to use a taxi apart from the world class public transport system that is already there.

3. Foodora

Foodora stands out as the top apps for  food and grocery delivery in the nordics. Stockholm has a culture of eating out with an incredible number of options to choose from being a small sized city. People coming to work for tech companies and businesses have little time to cook on most days.

Foodora app is perfect as most places if not all are on it and they deliver in minutes. It takes a little time getting used to the city and to get to know all the local supermarkets, grocers and restaurants and this app helps one explore them conveniently from anywhere.

delivery man from foodora delivering food

4. Blocket

Is Sweden’s largest online second-hand market. You can find second hand cars to houses to buy on this website. For people moving to Stockholm or anywhere in Sweden, sometimes only for a short period, it doesn’t make sense to buy new things as they can be quite expensive. There are different apps for different companies and services in Sweden but Blocket is a place one one could find anything and everything.

With 5 million people visiting the site weekly, it’s the best place to find things to buy and sell the fastest.

blocket apps logo
tiptapp apps logo

5. Tiptapp

Tiptapp helps you moving things in and out of your home. Hiring help is so expensive in the city, people do everything themselves. But being new in the city of being very busy doesn’t give us the time to do this.

Tiptapp gets one connected with thousands of helpers – regular people with a car, and time on their hands, who are ready to help you out.

Get the help you need in moving things in and out of your home. Whether it be IKEA furniture to your doorstep or second hand bargains into your living room. You can determine what to pay and when you need the help. It is a one of a kind service and makes life so much more convenient.

6. Voi.

Another super way for moving around Stockholm is using electric scooters & e-bikes. A sustainable way and super easy. Voi scooters are parked all over the city.

voi scooters parked on the street

The app unlocks the scooters and one ride along the city and park it anywhere. They are cheap and fun and a perfect way to commute short distances and explore the city.

7. Duolingo

Stockholm is so popular for most internationals to work in because they all speak fluent english. Scandinavia made it easy for international companies to set up business, work and live.

Anyone traveling, business or moving there has absolutely no problem settling in. However, it is always great to learn the local language and understand the people better through language. To connect with people in their language breaks away so many barriers and also brings people closer.

Swedish people really enjoy it when internationals pick up on the language and learn their culture better. It’s a fairly easy language to learn for English and German speaking people.

duolingo apps logo

Duolingo is free and so easy to use. It helps learn new languages with such ease. One only has to spend 15 minutes a day and see how quickly one can learn to speak.

8. Too Good To Go

One of the most popular sustainable companies that is trying to reduce food waste. This app makes sure food doesn’t get wasted.

Every day, delicious, fresh food goes to waste at cafés, restaurants, hotels, shops and manufacturers – just because it hasn’t sold in time. It is still quite good to go.

too good to go apps

The Too Good To Go app lets you buy and collect Surprise Bags of food at a great price and directly from businesses.

More than ⅓ of food is wasted with how things are. This app is a win-win for all app and a big help to the environment as well.

9. Klarna

Buy now and pay later apps. There aren’t many as such. One of Sweden’s most successful fintech companies provides a system of shopping with ease online.

Klarna has partnered with so many retailers in Sweden and every country that it operates, that one can shop online and pay after delivery. A 3 part payment option is also one of its best features. Pay as per you preference and the website applies discount codes by itself and gets the best deal out there. Klarna is a one stop shop for so many brands and stores.

If you are new in town, there is no better catalog to look through than Klarna.

Note: Klarna is available to use for only those registered with the Tax Agency – Skatteverket as it is a credit service and can use it once registered after moving to Sweden.

Klarna apps logo

10. SJ

Sweden’s state owned rail transport system is the one that serves 160 stations every day, connecting Sweden from north to south. They also serve Oslo and Copenhagen.

SJ Apps logo

SJ is a Swedish railway company that offers sustainable train travel, both as an independent operator and in collaboration with others. It offers the most sustainable mode of transport for longer journeys.

With this app, one can travel across the entire network with a click on the app to get one anywhere in the region.