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Apartments for construction workers in Stockholm

Pomeroll offers apartments for construction companys workers in Stockholm Sweden for long term stay during projects.

Our apartments are for professionals coming from abroad that need housing and accommodation in Stockholm. Both for short and long term stay.

Our flats are fully furnished with all the amenities along with electricity & high speed internet included with the rent.

Our apartments are ideally located to be connected to every part of Stockholm by car and public transport.

Service and support is included for a comfortable and stress free stay. No extra fees or commissions, everything inclusive with the rent.

Photograph of tall apartment building in Stockholm

Typical case

Construction company needs:

Number of persons: 20

Project duration: 6 months

Parkings needed: 4

We provide:

  • Two large three room apartments of 82 square meters for six persons each room.
  • Two medium sized apartments with two room apartments for four persons.
  • All the apartments will be fully equipped with dishwasher, washing/drying machine, kitchen equipment etc.

Estimate of cost:

Approximately 15 Euros per person per day.

Our apartments

We have a lot of experience in leasing homes to construction companies, construction workers and many others. We understand the needs of the companies and their people. Our accommodation is simple, practical, fully equipped and affordable for everything you need.

We also have our own service team that makes sure everything works with the accommodation and is available to assist when needed.

Our apartments are fully furnished including TV, basic cleaning equipment and kitchenware. The apartments have a dishwasher, microwave, washing machine, dryer and floor heating in the bathroom.

  • The studios are perfect for the single worker or a site manager.
  • The two room apartments are perfect accommodation for smaller groups.
  • The three room apartments are perfect for the bigger group of workers. From 4 – 7 people with a big bathroom and kitchen.
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3 Room Apartment available in Kista

For 4-6 people, we have a 2 bedroom (3 room) in a new production standard available in Kista with parking. The apartment is fully furnished with high speed internet.

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