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Indian Cuisine is as diverse as its culture, languages, regions and its climate. Every major region of India brings its own unique dishes and subtle variations to popular dishes. Aromatic Spices are the essence of Indian cuisine.

From a country which is also referred to as a subcontinent of Asia, the vastness and variety of culture is incredible. One of the oldest surviving civilizations in the world, its cuisines have evolved over a millenia and have every bit of history and tradition from every corner. A land of spices, herbs and incredible flavors that are healing, nurturing and exciting.

Spice trade through the silk route brought a glimpse of the taste of India to Europe. These restaurants bring an incredible variety to Stockholm for one to really dive deeper into food for the gods from this ancient land.

Here are the best Indian restaurants in Stockholm in our opinion.

Chettinad cuisine comes from the region of Tamil Nadu, a part of Indian tradition that is as old as India itself. As the only Indian Chettinad restaurant in Stockholm, experience an extraordinary culinary journey with chefs from the region preparing all kinds of vegetarian, vegan, meats and fish.

They are in two locations in Stockholm at Hornsgatan & Rådmansgatan.

Logo of the South indian restaurant

The rich heritage of spice cultivation and trade makes the Chettinad region of India home to the most subtle and aromatic cuisine that is no less than a delight for the senses. Whether you choose a sumptuous Dosa with flavored stuffings or a plain lighter one, we promise a hot and crispy treat, freshly off the pan. The South Indian promises you a new attitude to Indian food.

Shanti group of restaurants is a collective of ideas and concepts of Indian food but mainly specialising in Bengali cuisine. The the goal being to stay as us authentic as it can get, the 6 restaurants of Shanti offer a unique taste of Bengali cuisine, Bengali street food, New York inspired Indian restaurant and even classic Indian food. One must definitely try all of their restaurants and the different experiences through their ambience unique styles they offer.

Shanti restaurants logo

Colours of India

Colors Of India is owned and managed by the three Sadique brothers. At present they have three locations, East India, Indian Stories and Bollywood Bar.

Inspired by a country where recipes are considered an invaluable heritage. Indian Stories defines Indian food as labor intensive culinary art.

The core of their belief is freshness and innovation. At the Indian Stories, authenticity meets modernism. The intensity and depth of flavor are achieved through the traditional way to cook from scratch with the freshest of ingredients.

Discover traditional Indian food with a modern twist at Pataka. With a wide range of traditional Indian cuisine, Pataka is also a Punjabi Masala Grill & Tandoori Restaurant and a take away. Pataka is the word for fire cracker. They named the restaurant aptly describing the experience one has when eating here. An explosion of flavours and joy every time.

One of the largest chain of Indian restaurants in Stockholm by award winning chef Karim Razual, with the latest one opening in Kista Gallerian, they offer different types of restaurants with different dining experiences.

They have out their heart and into the creation of modern Indian restaurants in Sweden.

Indian Gardens restaurants are at all of these locations in Stockholm

Hornstull/Medborgarplatsen/Mall of Scandinavia/Liljeholmen Stadshagen/Västgötagatan/Norrköping/Nacka Forum

logo of Indian garden restaurants logo

The Cumin Club’s owner and head chef Abid Khan  was born in Bangladesh; his cooking is based in many ways on the combination of spices more to the tune of Indian cuisine.

Luntmakargatan is Stockholm’s own Little Asia. On the narrow back street to Sveavägen, lots of pubs and asian restaurants including Indian restaurants crowd the neighbourhood.

They are in two locations in Södermannagatan and Luntmakargatan in Stockholm. They prepares everything from scratch with natural ingredients and spices. The various seasonings for Tikka Masala, Korma and the other classic spice mixes.

Unique and fresh and definitely a must try place in the city.

One of the few places serving food with inspiration from several different areas in Nepal & India. Nepal cuisine comes from a rich heritage of Himalayan cuisine. Their dumplings which are the most popular dish called momos, is loved across India in every corner.

Chandani brings to the table a variety like no other from this region. It is highly rated in every review and one must definitely their variety of Biriyanis, meats and a wide variety of vegetarian options.

logo of Chandni restaurant

Indian Street Food & Co creates a modern Indian cuisine inspired by food vendors in the streets of India. By blending tradition with modern tastes and sustainable ideals Indian Street Food & Co raises the Indian dining experience wherever they serve.

With cafes, dining restaurants, and a food truck, they really do bring a big part of indian cuisine to Stockholm.

One of the largest chain of International South Indian restaurants, now comes to Sweden and the first one in Stockholm. In 25 countries and 81 outlets across the globe.

In Indian cuisine, south indian food takes a very special place as every one from every corner of the country is familiar with and loves it equally. Sarvan Bhavan brings to the world the legacy of South Indian food with impeccable quality and service.

full logo of Saravanaa Bhavan restaurant