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About Spånga

Spånga, a suburban district nestled within the vibrant city of Stockholm, Sweden, offers a unique blend of historical significance and modern living. This residential neighborhood, situated in the northwestern part of Stockholm, has a rich history dating back centuries and has evolved into a contemporary community that embodies the essence of Swedish urban planning and quality of life.

Spånga is known for its cultural diversity, with a thriving community of residents from various backgrounds and nationalities. This cultural mosaic is reflected in the local businesses, shops, and restaurants that offer a wide range of international cuisines and goods. The presence of different cultural groups adds vibrancy to the community and fosters an atmosphere of inclusivity and acceptance.


Spånga’s history can be traced back to medieval times when it was a small village surrounded by lush forests and fertile land. It remained relatively isolated until the late 19th century when Stockholm’s urban sprawl began to extend into its vicinity. The development of the railway in the late 19th century played a pivotal role in connecting Spånga to the city center, facilitating its transformation from a rural outpost to a suburb of Stockholm.

Today, Spånga is a dynamic and attractive place to live, offering its residents a peaceful and family-friendly environment while maintaining excellent connectivity to the bustling heart of Stockholm. The neighborhood’s well-planned infrastructure, green spaces, and recreational facilities make it an ideal location for both families and professionals seeking a balanced urban lifestyle.


Metro & bus service

Spånga has a well-connected transportation system by bus and metro which makes it easy to explore not only the district but also the greater Stockholm area. One can hop on the metro on the green line and head to the Stockholm Central Station that is 17.6 kms away which takes 22 min and from there connects to the entire city.

Distance to airports

Arlanda Airport (ARN) – 38 Kms  – 29 min away for domestic and international flights

Bromma Airport (BMA) – 6.1 Kms – 9 min away with mostly domestic flights

Stockholm Skavsta Airport (NYO) – 6.1 Kms – 9 min for a few low-cost airlines

Nearby Spånga

Within a 10 to 15 minute distance from Spånga, one can reach Kista & Sundbyberg which are very culturally diverse areas in Sweden with a wide range of activities and areas to explore.

Akalla By is a neighborhood that offers additional shopping and dining options. It’s a great place to explore and discover local eateries and shops. Rinkeby is another suburb located within a short distance, known for its diverse cultural scene and shopping opportunities. It’s a vibrant area with a multicultural atmosphere. Spånga places a strong emphasis on education, with several well-regarded schools catering to students of all ages. The educational institutions in the area are known for their high standards and commitment to nurturing young minds.

Healthcare services are also readily available, with modern medical facilities and clinics serving the needs of the community. The presence of well-equipped healthcare centers ensures that residents have access to quality medical care.

Food and Groceries

This neighborhood is home to a wide range of grocery stores such as Matvärlden Tensta, J & D Saluhall HB, ICA, COOP, Lidl and many smaller ones to choose from. For shopping for regular necessities, one can go to Spånga Centrum and Tensta Centrum. You can order your groceries online and have them delivered to your doorstep, which can be especially convenient if you prefer not to go to physical stores.


Sports and Recreation: There are several sports facilities and recreational areas within a 10-minute drive, including gyms, swimming pools, and sports clubs within Spånga. Spånga is known for having many options for sports and recreation. It offers such diverse sports facilities which are for anyone with a keen interest in health and fitness. Here are some of the activities.

Spånga IP

Spånga fotbollshall

An indoor football field. Read more.

Spånga Cricketplan

for all those expat cricket lovers and Swedish cricket enthusiasts.


For a range of court games like basketball. Read more.

Spånga Tennis- & Bordtennisklubb

For table tennis and tennis. Read more.

Spånga Folkets Hus

Spånga Folkan is a cultural and community hub. It is much more than just a building; it’s the heart and soul of Spånga’s cultural and social life. This multipurpose facility serves as a gathering place for residents and offers a wide range of activities and services such as cultural events where Spånga Folkan hosts a diverse array of cultural events, including concerts, theater performances, art exhibitions, and dance shows. It’s a platform for local artists and a venue for both traditional and contemporary cultural expressions. Other than that it also is used for community engagement, youth activities, social services, café and a gathering place and for local initiatives. Read more.

photograph of people walking around in Spånga centrum

Spånga Centrum

Spånga Centrum is the primary shopping and social gathering place in Spånga, offering a diverse range of amenities and services. This modern shopping center provides residents with convenient access to various retail stores, dining options, and essential services. It has a mix of well-known retail chains, local boutiques, and grocery stores.

Whether you’re looking for fashion, electronics, home goods, or everyday essentials, you’re likely to find what you need within its confines. Besides shopping, Spånga Centrum serves as a community hub. It’s a place where neighbors meet, friends catch up over coffee, and events occasionally take place. Local events, fairs, and markets often add a lively atmosphere to the center, creating a sense of camaraderie among residents. Read More.

Parks around Spånga

Spånga and its surrounding areas offer several parks and nature reserves where you can enjoy the outdoors and connect with nature. Here’s a list of some parks and nature reserves in and near Spånga. These parks and nature reserves provide a range of outdoor activities and scenic beauty for residents and visitors in and around Spånga, making it a pleasant place to enjoy the natural environment. Here are a list of parks in Spånga to visit.

Järvafältet Nature Reserve

Kyrksjölöten Nature Reserve

Located to the north of Spånga, this nature reserve is known for its scenic walking trails and serene atmosphere, perfect for nature enthusiasts.

Hässelby Strand Park

A bit further west of Spånga, this park by Lake Mälaren offers waterfront views, beaches, and opportunities for picnicking and swimming.

Nälsta Forest

To the east of Spånga, Nälsta Forest offers a quiet natural escape with walking and hiking trails in a wooded setting.

photograph of Järvafältet Nature Reserve
photograph of Spånga church

Landmarks & Iconic buildings

While Spånga is primarily a residential suburb of Stockholm, it does have some historical buildings and landmarks of interest. However, while Spånga may not have as many historical buildings and landmarks as some other parts of Stockholm, its proximity to the city and surrounding areas means you have access to a wide range of historical and iconic sites to explore within a short distance.Here’s a list of notable historical buildings and landmarks in and around Spånga.

Spånga Church (Spånga Kyrka)

Kyrksjölöten Runestone

Just outside Spånga, you can find the Kyrksjölöten Runestone, an ancient Viking runestone with inscriptions that provide historical insights into the area’s past.


While not a building or landmark, Järvafältet is a significant historical site with ancient burial mounds, providing glimpses into the region’s prehistoric history. Read more. 

Bromma Airport Control Tower

The control tower at Bromma Airport, while not a traditional historical landmark, is an iconic building with a unique design. It’s a notable feature in the Spånga landscape.

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