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City Guide to Vasastan

About Vasastan

Vasastan is located in the very heart of Stockholm both geographically and in terms of its city life. It is home to art galleries, theaters, the world renown business school Handels, some of the city’s most celebrated restaurants as well as the beautiful Stockholm Public Library. Residents of Vasastan never risk going bored, hungry or thirsty – there is always something to eat, drink or see. As well as representing many of the things that make the city of Stockholm the capital of Scandinavia, it also has a few of its most iconic parks.

From Stockholm’s best pizzeria to a Michelin star sushi at Sushi Sho the best Ramen, the food is incredible. Wander aimlessly, stop for a well-brewed coffee, nap in a park, then retreat to a side-street bistro for a vino or two among laid-back locals.

The classical city plan mostly preserved. Vasastan was built from the 1880s until the following decade, and exposes the development of art deco and early modernist architecture. Odenplan is an important transportation hub, with commuter rail, metro and buses. A main draw of Vasastan is alternative and second-hand shopping in small stores (with most of Stockholm’s remaining shops for vinyl records), as well as art galleries.


Vasastaden, or colloquially Vasastan is a 3.00 km2 large city district in central Stockholm, Sweden, being a part of Norrmalm borough with a population of Vasastan around 60,000. The streets of Vasastan are very homely As Vasastan is mostly a residential area.However, there is also a lot of arts &  culture to explore in this northern neighborhood of Stockholm.

Vasastan lies at the northern edge of inner-city Stockholm, with Kungsholmen to the west, Östermalm to the east, and the city center to the South. Up until the 1880s, it was the location of several large estates. But as the population of Stockholm grew exponentially in the wake of industrialism, the city was in desperate need of new housing. The fields of Vasastan were one of the areas deemed for redevelopment. Most of the buildings are from the early 20th century, although you’ll find several examples of contemporary architecture as well as the Norra Tornen-high rises.


Vasastan has three of Stockholm’s most well placed green line metro stations. These are located in – Rådmansgatan, S:t Eriksplan and Odenplan. The latter is also a stop of the municipal commuter train which is called the Pendeltåget which has a stop here now.

Out of the Five main bus lines, 4 (2,3,4, and 6) are running  through this area very regularly Sveavägen and Odengatan, which are two of the city’s most important streets, cross each other in this area. The whole of Vasastan is very walk and bike friendly as well. Most places are within walking distance. Car parking lots are available but costly.

Distance to airports

Arlanda Airport (ARN) – 27 min for 35.6  kms for both domestic and international flights.

Bromma Airport (BMA) – 14 min for 7.3 kms away with mostly domestic flights

Stockholm Skavsta Airport (NYO)
– 1 hour 20 min for 105 kms connecting a few low-cost airlines.

T – Centralen 
– 6 min 1.9 kms connecting to the whole of Sweden through the rain system

Nearby Vasastan

Vasastan being in the heart of the city geographically and culturally, it is near by to some of the most visited places of Stockholm city. Stockholm central is at a distance of less than 2 kms, there are a lot of experience living here.

As a center for arts & culture, Around Vanadisplan in the north western part of the area, you will also find the finest examples of Swedish contemporary art in Vasastan’s gallery district.

City Strolling and Exploring Stockholm

If you have some time to walk around and discover Vasastan, one would realize the city center is so close to walk by, one can connect to every part of stockholm from here. Eriksplan, Odenplan, T-Centralen & Norrmalm. It is literally near to everything. The best parks, best shopping Everything historic and iconic that makes Stockholm the city that it is. So if one chooses to live here, it is pretty much the heart of the city.


Going out in Vasastan is seeing some of the most famous, iconic and important places in the city.

The fine arts can be enjoyed at one of Vasastan’s several museums. Bonniers Konsthall, Sven-Harry’s Art Museum, Carl Eldh’s Studio Museum, and the Strindberg Museum are all located in the district, each offering a distinctive program. Anyone interested in the culture of the digital variety has several options as well. Inferno Online, one of Stockholm’s largest gaming halls, is located in the area. Next door to Inferno is Red Bull Gaming Sphere, another gaming hall but this one caters to an adult audience with a bar serving cold drinks and beer. And located inside the pool hall RoQ you’ll find the arcade hall Hey STHLM!, with pinball machines and arcade cabinets standing ready to test your reflexes.

Here are some that we recommend one must see.

Bio Capitol

Carl Eldh's Studio Museum

Visit the unique wooden building built here in Vasastan from 1919 and enjoy a sheltering environment with a panoramic view of Brunnsviken and the Haga Park. Carl Eldh’s Studio Museum houses several hundred sculptures by one of Sweden’s most prominent sculptors. Also temporary exhibitions. Carl Eldh’s Studio Museum is mainly open during summertime and offers guided tours in English once a day. Read more.


The backroom of the pool-hall RoQ is lit by the bright lights and screens of 30+ arcade machines, ready to gobble up your coins. Here, at Hey Stockholm!, you’ll find both well-known arcade classics and hard-to-find Japanese games. Test your reflexes with Ikaruga, challenge a friend in Pop’n Music, or cruise along the cloudy highland in Outrun 2. Read more.

Sven-Harry's Art Museum

This shiny six-storied building with a brass facade houses an art gallery, museum, restaurant, and roof terrace. Probably the most unique feature of the museum is the copy of Sven-Harry’s former home, an 18th-century manor house, reconstructed on its premises.

Visitors will be able to cross the threshold of Sven-Harry’s “home” and enjoy the art collection he has lovingly built up over the last 35 years. In the large bright art gallery, diverse, multifaceted exhibitions are shown, primarily by Swedish contemporary artists. There are regular tours and programs related to the ongoing exhibitions. Read more.

The Strindberg Museum

Blå tornet – ‘The Blue Tower’ is the last residence of famous Swedish author, playwright, and artist August Strindberg (1849-1912). Visit this home, consisting of a bedroom, dining room, and workroom. Strindberg’s library is open in conjunction with the exhibition. The exhibition ‘Strindberg in the center’ features books, photos, paintings, and artifacts. Read  more.


For those who are looking for excitement and entertainment, Laserfortet is ready to impress you. Laserfortet prides itself as being entertainment central in Stockholm by offering various activities, such as team building games, field trips and parties. Two activities, namely the Prison Island and Laserforce, are ready to take you on a whole new level of gaming experience. Laserforce is also known as Stockholm’s most modern laser arena. For those who want to meet up and have a playful afternoon, Laserfortet is absolutely the best choice for you. Read more.

Red Bull Gaming Sphere Stockholm

Red Bull Gaming Sphere is a gaming center aimed at adult gamers. Besides a sizeable machine park of gaming PCs and game consoles, there’s a bar selling beer, drinks, wine, and burgers. Spend an evening honing your skills in Starcraft and CS: GO, or have a casual game night with your friends in Tekken or FIFA. Read more.

photograph of Västermalmsgallerian in Vasastan


Västermalmsgallerian is a shopping centre in Kungsholmen, Stockholm. The shopping center is located in a renovated building dating from the 1970s in the city block “Trossen” near the Fridhemsplan metro station at the intersection of the Sankt Eriksgatan and Fleminggatan streets.

The name Västermalmsgallerian comes from Västermalm, an alternative name for the district of Kungsholmen. The shopping center is the first shopping center in Kungsholmen, including shops for fashion, interior decoration and food. It has a total area of 10’000 m², and includes 45 shops of various sizes and international retail chains. Read more.

Parks around Vasastan

Vasastan is home to some of the most iconic parks that Stockholm has. One cannot miss visiting. Here they are.



Vasaparken is a vibrant and beautiful meeting place in the center of Stockholm. Here, children can meet and eat ice cream from the popular gelateria Snö, hop on the bouncy park, play soccer, or just run around. In winter, part of Vasaparken turns into an ice skating rink. This is also the chosen track for many of Vasastan’s jogging residents.

Vasaparken is located in the middle of the Vasastan-district, close to both S:t Eriksplan’s and Odenplan’s subway stations. The park is a beloved oasis for inner-city Stockholmers and has a soccer pitch, jungle gym, and a green lush environment that received the Siena Prize in 2007; Architects Sweden’s award for landscaping. In other words, there are lots of places for a picnic or an ice cream break. During winter there’s an ice skating rink located here.  Read more.


The noise of the city seems infinitely far away in the grove on the hill. Observatorielunden is a green oasis only a stone’s throw from the throbbing pulse of Drottninggatan. Exactly as the name implies, there’s an observatory in the park that goes back to the 1700s. One wing, from the end of the nineteenth century, contains Kafé Himlavalvet, known for its delicious waffles and toppings from a special waffle menu. The café and its outdoor seating area are open all year except for January.

Situated right in the center of Vasastan, this former observatory was established 300 years ago and it’s one of the historical gems in Vasastan. The adjoining park is seen as an oasis in the city center, allowing locals to enjoy the green landscapes and elegant gardening. The park can be crowded at weekends, as Swedes love to picnic under the gentle Nordic sun. Read more.


Vanadislunden, named after the Norse goddess Vanadis/Freya, is one of Stockholm’s largest parks. Here you’ll find several jungle gyms, walking paths among the trees, and a fantastic view of Stockholm. During the summer months, you can also take a swim in the open-air swimming pool Vanadisbadet. Read more.

photograph of vasaparken in Vasastan
Photograph of Stockholm library in Vasastan

Iconic buildings

Being the Silicon Valley of the north Kista have some unusual you don’t find anywhere else in Sweden. Click their names to read more.

The Stockholm Public Library

Bonniers Konsthall

Bonniers Konsthall is a place for Swedish and international contemporary art in central Stockholm. The triangular glass building was designed by Johan Celsing and is located right by the train tracks, between the central station and Sankt Eriksplan

This ambitious gallery keeps culture fiends busy with a fresh dose of international contemporary art, as well as a reading room, a fab cafe and a busy… Read more. 

Gustav Vasa Kyrka

Gustaf Vasa Church is a church located in the Vasastaden district of Stockholm, Sweden. Inaugurated in 1906 and named after 16th century King Gustav Vasa, it was designed by architect Agi Lindegren in the Baroque Revival style. Situated between two busy avenues partially lined with trees, its dome rises 60 meters (200 ft) above the nearby Odenplan plaza. The floor plan is in the shape of a Greek cross and seats 1,200 people, making it one of the largest churches in Stockholm. Read more.

Norra Tornen

Norra Tornen (in English, Northern Towers) are a pair of high-rise apartment buildings located in Vasastaden district of Stockholm, Sweden. Opened in 2018, the eastern tower is 125 m (410 ft) tall, consisting of 36 floors. The west tower opened in 2020 and is 110 m (360 ft) tall, with 33 floors. The complex contains 300 residential units and groundbreaking took place in the autumn of 2015. Read more.

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