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About Västra Skogen

Västra Skogen is very conveniently located in the edge of Solna that is closest to the inner city areas Kungsholmen and Vasastan. It’s proximity to both nature and the center of Stockholm makes it an ideal place for those who enjoy the forest but don’t want to live too far away from the city center. The residents of Västra Skogen also have the privilege of living near the beautiful waterfront that includes Pampas Marina and Huvudsta strandbad.

Green areas & Haga Slott

Västra Skogen is as its name says. A forest. Very near this area you will find the Karlberg Palace which, apart from being a beautiful destination built in the 17th century, has several mapped running tracks around the estate. Västra Skogen is home to HRH Victoria, The Crown Princess of Sweden. The Haga Palace and its adjacent park are a very popular meeting place for many residents of Solna and northern Stockholm.

It’s probably the largest park in Stockholm with many amenities such as several gazebos, pavilions as well as the very popular aquarium and Fjärilshuset (the butterfly house) where you can walk through a beautiful botanical garden among at least 700 butterflies of many different colorful varieties.

It is an incredible place to live if one is moving and living or even visiting Stockholm.


Västra Skogen or Ingentingskogen formed a mountainous and forested outlying area to Nya Huvudsta Municipal society until the mid-1960s. The area was originally owned by Karlberg Castle and belonged to the tenant farm Ingenting. Västra Skogen, in contrast to the adjacent railway community Huvudsta, was sparsely populated.

One of the West Forest’s more famous buildings was Ekelund or Eklundskrogen, an inn that is mentioned in Carl Michael Bellman’s poetry. The restaurant facility’s last building, Ekelunds gård, was demolished in 1973.

Västra Skogen was purchased in the early 1960s by the city of Solna from the state and incorporated into the district of Huvudsta. Between 1965–1975, both Västra Skogen and adjacent central Huvudsta were developed into modern residential areas. Today’s street network was also added then.

In 1922, the first bus line was drawn from Stockholm to Västra Skogen and Huvudsta along today’s Karlbergs Strand.


This area is well connected to both the suburbs and the central parts of Stockholm through its metro station and proximity to the commuter train station which can easily be reached by bus. Västra Skogen connects to the city center by bus, commuter train, metro. Not all parts of Stockholm have all the options.

Distance to Stockholm city center is only 10 min.

Västra Skogen is on the blue line on the Stockholm metro towards Hjulsta. One can go straight to Kungstragården which is the city center directly.

Västra Skogen is also well connected by the city bus services to get around to all the neighboring areas including the airport.

Distance to airports

Arlanda Airport (ARN) –  29 min for 37.5  kms for both domestic and international flights.

Bromma Airport (BMA) – 8 min for 4.7 kms away with mostly domestic flights

Stockholm Skavsta Airport (NYO) – 1 hour 17 min for 105 kms connecting a few low-cost airlines.

T – Centralen – 8 min 4.8 kms connecting to the whole of Sweden through the rain system

Nearby Västra Skogen 

Being on the blue line to the north of Stockholm central, it is close to quite a few areas of Stockholm that one can access.


Ten minutes away from Västra Skogen is Solna. It is a unique mix of housing, offices spaces, restaurants and bars, hotels and other services. It is a center for business and hospitality. It is home to Karolinska institutet, one of the world’s foremost medical universities, Friends Arena, Mall of Scandinavia, and many famous parks.  Solna is a inclusive, vibrant and sustainable for all its inhabitants. It is built around knowledge, creativity and creating experiences. Read more.


10 minutes away as well is  Västra skogen, often referred to as Sweden’s “Silicon Valley”, it is home to several headquarters of Swedish IT and tech companies and the Swedish offices of several international cooperations. Kista is just not offices or a commercial center. It is also a very big residential area. Kista is popular for having the best options for Corporate Apartments in Stockholm. Apartments that are suitable for everyone regardless of lifestyle and budget. Read more.


Västra Skogen is known for its fun and adventure activities. Here are some of our favourites.

Twisted Keys Escape Room Stockholm

Paddla i Pampas

Paddle rental company which is a really fun actiucity to do in the lakes around Västra skogen. Read more.

Kitesurfing Center Stockholm

When you take your kite lessons with us at Kiteboard Center, you will receive expert training from Sweden’s highest level fully licensed and most experienced IKO instructors. You will be provided with safe and secure kite courses, adapted to your progression and a well thought out plan for your continuation and progression. We offer Sweden’s broadest range of quality kite lessons and courses start every day, all year round. Read more.

Stockholm Nature Activities

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Photograph of Huvudsta centrum

Huvudsta Gallerian

In Huvudsta Centrum you will find shops, cafes and restaurants as well as services such as a dentist’s office, hairdresser and gym. Our center is a natural gathering place for those who live or work in the area. Huvudsta Centrum was inaugurated in 1972 and has brought Solna residents together ever since.

In recent years, the center has received a facelift where both the inside and outside have been renovated, creating a brighter and airier centre. Huvudsta Centrum works perfectly both for those who live nearby but also for those who want to be able to carry out their errands smoothly and easily. Read more.

Parks around Västra Skogen

Västra Skogen is sounded by a lot of nature, everything in walking distance! Click the names below to read more.



Hagaparken an English landscaped park with many monuments in its borders.Founded by King Gustav III near the end of the 18th century and was a preferred royal property for subsequent monarchs.

Since 1922 Hagaparken has been home to the Royal Cemetery, where most members of the royal Bernadotte family have been laid to rest.Due to its vast space and the amount of attractions inside the park, Hagaparken is one place everyone always visits in Solna. Read more.

Bergius Botanic Garden

Welcome to the Bergius Botanic Garden. Ideally situated at Brunnsviken, an inlet of the Baltic Sea, the garden is part of the city’s national park, protected by law to preserve natural and cultural values for the future. The primary objective of the Bergius Botanic Garden is to support teaching and research about plant diversity, but the garden is also a recreational spot and a source of botanical knowledge for all its visitors. With a history stretching back to the 18th century, the garden is today owned and managed by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and Stockholm University.  Read more.

Hornsbergs Strand

Hornsberg strand is a really love place with a beautiful view on the lake with restaurants and bars along the street. You can sunbathe on grass, wooden planks or rocks. Great place to hang out during summer nights. Works well both with company and without nice people watching spots. Easy access to ladders if you want to take a swim.

Photograph of lake at Västra skogen
Photograph of Kalrbergs palace

Iconic buildings

Being a historic part of Stockholm, Västra Skogen has some iconic buildings worth Visiting.

Karlberg Palace

Kristinebergs Slottsparken

This park is adjacent to Kristineberg Castle and dates back to the 17th century. The park has been renewed in connection with the urban development on Nordvästra Kungsholmen. In the park there is a very popular playground.

On the south side of the castle is the Apple Park with various fruit trees in straight rows extending from the castle building. Parts of the castle house the Kristineberg School and other parts function as private residences. Large valuable oaks are found on the surrounding slopes.

In the southernmost part of the park there is a facility for track golf. The golf course has a literary theme inspired by the surrounding neighborhoods where the streets are named after famous Swedish authors.On the north side of the castle, the historic axis with double linden avenues partially remains. The park is bordered by the adjacent Kristineberg sports ground. Next to the avenue is the very popular playground called “Uggleparken”. The playground is often called so because it is characterized by two large wooden owls. Read more.


San Francisco is not the only town with a celebrated golden gate. When in Västra Skogen, make sure to visit Guldporten which literally translates to “golden gate”. It is an artwork/monument by the artist Björn Evensen and was inaugurated in 1971. This sparkling bronze arch is a place for serene contemplation and a perfect spot to appreciate the view over the water and the very typical Swedish nature that surrounds it.

North Burial Ground

Norra Begravningsplatsen, literally “The Northern Cemetery” in Swedish, is a major cemetery of the Stockholm urban area, located in Solna Municipality. Inaugurated on 9 June 1827, it is the burial site for a number of Swedish notables.

The North Burial Ground (NBG) opened its gates in 1700 and is the largest municipal cemetery in the region at around 110 acres and with more than 40,000 gravestones. The cemetery is owned and operated by the Providence Parks Department and contains an eclectic collection of funerary sculptures ranging from simple slate markers to elaborate mausoleum structures. Read More.

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