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How much does a business apartment cost?

How much a business apartment costs depends on the size, area, condition and whats included. Pomeroll often includes electricity and internet in the rent. That way you won’t have to tie up on long subscriptions.
Our goal is to be able to offer fast habitable apartments in the simplest and most cost-effective way possible.
Our invoices have no VAT on the topp, as we are a registered real estate company. This is good for all our forgin customers where they dont have to pay extra tax (moms).
Our rents in Stockholm are higher than short-term contract via private individuals but considerably cheaper than hotels.
Our rents are adapted to our long-term rental, which means that our rent levels are many times lower than with some competitors.
Please inquire with a request for an exact cost proposal for your business apartment.

How do I book an apartment from Pomeroll?

You can easily book an apartment by email or phone.
Tell us more about what you are looking for and we will match with what’s available.

We will send you a quotation with preferd area, rent level and pictures or video at the apartment.
In time, we can also hold a display in place. All our apartments have basically the same good standard and look just as good with the same furniture and floor plan. Therefore, it may be easier to rent several apartments if you have seen one, then the others look equally fashionable.

How do I report an error?

For error reporting, please email or in case of urgent business hours 073 648 40 46.
In the event of a fault report, please state your address, apartment number and describe the damage together with your telephone number.

For acute water leakage or power outages, see information on the entrance panel in the entrance
In case of fire or danger of life call 112.

Pomeroll has its own service organization with staff that can help with rapid reporting. Our cars are out and about every day and it is often we can solve things the same day.

What does it take for my company to hire?

In order to rent, you must have a company, AB or individual company listed on “Skatteverket” with no liabilities.

Do you also rent to private individuals?

Pomeroll only rents out to companies at present. However, as a private person you can live in the apartment if you have a company that can stand as collateral on the lease. We also rent to consultants, self-employed and foreign companies.

Can our company rent multiple apartments?

Yes, depending on how much we have available. Our apartments are often located in the same area and neighborhood. Therefore, we can often offer several apartments of varying sizes. The apartments are located mainly in Stockholm’s suburbs.

What areas does Pomeroll offer?

Pomeroll currently only offers apartments in Stockholm. The apartments are located in Stockholm’s suburbs and are renovated to new production standards.

Some areas we can offer include Sollentuna, Kista / Husby, Flemingsberg, Vårberg, Jordbro, Solna, Sundbyberg, Bromma, Hägerten and more.

How is the rental process going?

The easiest process we work with is:

For occupants:

Viewing through pictures or on site
Signing contract
Payment of security deposit, first month’s rent
Moving in and key receipt

For outing:
Refund of deposit

How long can I rent?

We work with long-term rentals. Your company can rent for a minimum of 6 months and so far.
The most common customer rents 1-2 years.

What do you mean by providing services?

Pomeroll has its own service staff who will assist you in a professional way so that everything works well during your stay. It includes the rent and it is not something we charge for.
If you wish to order cleaning or more furniture, our service will handle this. The same personnel also handle the error report and follow up the cases on an ongoing basis.

How is the payment made?

Our rental pays are sent by email and the rent is paid in advance for each month to Pomeroll’s bank giro.

How long is the contract time?

Pomeroll applies the notice period 3 calendar months by the tenant. Often we have such a strong demand that in many cases we can redeem our customers faster if we have another company that can rent the apartment immediately.
The notice of termination must be submitted in writing to

How do I cancel my contract to the apartment?

The notice of termination must be submitted in writing to to be valid.
You will receive an automatic confirmation and we will hear from you with a final inspection date.

Is the final cleaning included?

For extra costs we can include final cleaning of the apartment upon departure.
Otherwise, the apartment must be cleaned in standard with a Swedish removable cleaning in the condition that was on occupancy.

When can I move in?

When the contract is signed and the deposit and the first month’s rent is paid in, occupancy can be made.

Do I need a home insurance for the apartment?

Yes, in order to rent one of our apartments, your company needs a Swedish home insurance or equivalent insurance cover.

Will VAT be added to business apartments via Pomeroll?

Our invoices have no VAT as we are a registered real estate company and not VAT registered with the Swedish Tax Agency.

Contact us to see what we have available!

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