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Since its inception in 2012, Pomeroll has rented out part of its apartment portfolio to several companies within health care. These are established care companies that help their clients with everything from sheltered housing, training apartments, family support, etc. What has been appreciated over the years from several care companies is that we include service for the apartments and take care of any problems when they arise for the accommodation to function in the long term. Our apartments are located in ordinary residential buildings with ordinary neighbors of all ages. Therefore, those who live in our apartments must not have ongoing addiction or criminality.

We see this as part of a good social effort to be able to offer apartments in our own stock to care companies. We include service, furniture, electricity and internet in order to make the accommodation as smooth as possible for the residents. We can often arrange apartments in the same building and sometimes side by side for example a staff apartment together with a training apartment for youth. We can also offer more apartments in different areas to spread out the clients. We have internet procedures to be able to cooperate with healthcare companies that have protected tresidents in the Stockholm area. We also offer apartments that are adapted specifically for sheltered accommodation that is located high up, without visibility, security door, anonymous name on mailbox and door, etc.

Some of the care companies in Stockholm that we have helped with apartments over the years including Caleo omsorg, Humana, Nytida, Deltagruppen and more.