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Over the years, Pomeroll has helped many construction companies find housing for their employees during various projects in Stockholm.

Many construction companies find it difficult to recruit the right staff when the housing segment is unclear. It can be staff who live in Gothenburg but who work in Stockholm for weeks and need something that feels more at home than a hotel. Being able to offer accommodation already in the recruitment process and not put this on the employee himself has been much appreciated by those who rent from us. Foreign construction companies also rent larger apartments where it is possible to live more people at a very low cost per person. The rooms are usually shared, but we can also offer our own rooms in some of our properties.
We have construction companies from most countries that rent from us. In addition to Sweden, construction companies from Poland, Lithuania, Romania, Latvia and Estonia have been involved with high frequency.
For all construction companies, we can often arrange accommodation for entire teams, groups, managers and individual construction workers. Satisfied customers will return! Pomeroll as a landlord also offers service in the form of fault reporting and help if something should not work during the rental period. This is included for trouble-free living in our apartments.